Farm King, Macomb, Car Show, 13 September 2014

Had the best of times talking to people and snapping a few photos of some great cars. These people have invested a lot of time and money in these cars. what an exceptional day just so happened that it did not rain that day and was a nice cool 72 or so. The equipment worked well no problems. I was using my Canon 5D Mark III with 24 to 105 L series lens and it just worked. Take a look at or they both get you to the same place.533A2458_pe 533A2506_peTwo of the ones I like the best.

Macomb Balloon Rally 2014

We had a great time at the rally got some good shots of all the balloons and of some of the people that pilot them always fun to meet new people. We ran in to a lot of people that we have not seen for a wile. I posted the photos on or they are my web sights. Looking forward to some new events see you there.

Bath, Illinois Flying Carp Roundup 2014

What a day, I used only my 70 to 200mm prime Canon lens and The 5 D Mark III, boy it worked well. I had thought I would not be able to get some of the closer shots but I had to remember to use my legs and not the lens and it worked The round up is about Asian Carp, But it is really about the people I took more photos today of people than fish. Just a lot of fun. I had my two grand sons along and they had a blast to. Well next year for this one but I am sure something will come about that will get me out. Oh, Yes all the photos on my site are for sale amagin that.


What a great night of photography

Tayler and Rich Schulte, were of the best couple I have had the pleasure to have worked with They knew what they wanted and I hope I gave them what they needed.

In 3 Days over 25000 hits at my site

A lot of people are looking and that is good but a lot of people could be buying photos. Its not all for fun any more. Used my 5 D Mark III exclusively for my last shoot it worked great 450+ shots. thank for looking.


WOW! Over 2000 hits on my site This is great!!

Now all that is needed is for people to understand that these photos are for sale. They were taken to document the event for every one to see and remenber. The car show was a lot of fun as I have stated in an earlyer post. Thanks to all that have visited my site please come back and look more and remember all is for sale.



Macomb Photography Goes To The Car Show 3 June 2011

Just attended The drive in car show here in Macomb, Il. What an interesting evening. We got to meet interesting people see some great cars and shoot some great photos as well. The photos are posted on ( )  They may take a while to post the internet here is kind of slow.

I used my 5D Mark II with My 24-105 “L” Series lens and my 580 EX II Flash I think I got some realy good shots. The main thing was I had some fun hadent been out to much this year hope to get some jobs from this exposure sure would help. Thye evening light was of the best good color rendithon and a nice soft contrast. See you all around town gine me a call and I can take care of all of your photo needs.