Photos By Ted Went West

   The last two weeks have been of the best I traveled to Utah and Photograph My Daughters wedding. Thanks to My Friend Alicia, I was able to be in some of the photos. I used my 5 D Mark II As well as my 450D with a new lens a canon ef s 55-250 mm It is only for the 450D. What a lens  by calculating the CCD size 1.6 X that makes this lens 400 mm wow. A lot of the photos are posted at . The Wedding was great All the peple were wonderful and I must say my Daughter was the lovelyest of them all. I was kind of interesting being the photographer and the father at the wedding but it all worked great the Canon equipment worked flawlessly. I am guessing butI think the hole trip I shot some 5000 + photos. Not all at the wedding Some were of my travels. I did get to play alot with my equipment. Later I will post some shots of some macro photography ( close up ) . The land scape in Utah, is totaly diffrent than here in Havana, Illinois. I wonder if the people that live there ever tire of looking at the mountans. I never have, I stand all amazed. Proof is in the pudding they say so look at the photos and see what you think. Drop me a note now and then.

If it is not fun then just quit doing that


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