Hard to think it has been 6 months from last post?

Time slipps away so fast  it is some times hard to keep track of things well a lot has happened in the past 6 months New equipment I will post that later New grand children. it just gos and goes.

   The new equipment is a 150-500mm Sigma lent Just Love it , With a 2X teleconcerter By the same name now the new lens is 300-1000mm and is still clear and stable even hand held.

   Along the way I picked up a 6mm canon fisheye lens havent had much of a chance to us it yet looking forward to that.

   To top it all off I got an Ipad I use it to review photos and read photo mags it is a realy good tool to have. I do like it a lot.

   I have been soending a lot of time on line at fanartreview.com I am photosbyted on there I won a contest and have been well receved as a photographer and sa a reviewer. its fun and takes alot of time well its winter now and time to work on my photos. More later.


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