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Chance meeting at Havana River front

   Just ran in to the most wonderful people at the Havana, Illinois River front Park. Well you guessed it cameras were involved and I got to show off my 5D Mark II. One couple is from California and the other from Rodchester, Illinois. I was so glad to meet and greet at the park. I took some photos and they are posted on my photo site. How cool is this My night was made. Wish all people were this nice.

Midwest Dragway Havana, Il

Just attended another Great Drag race st Midwest Dragway Here in Havana. Got some great shots. That are posted on<> The day was just wonderful not to hot not to cold and I love the smell of top fuel. They had Bikes Rails Funny cars Pro Stock all so cool. The 5D Mark II is working very well I am using  The 580 EX II Flash to suplement light. I realy like this flash on ETTL set it and forget it No brainer I need a lot of that. I also picked up the CP-E4 battery paek for the flash Havent used it much yet it does seam to recycle a little faster.

I am wanting to get the Canon 70 to 200mm Lens f2.8 “L” Series I think this will be a good addition to My others.

Pleas have fun above all  if its not fun don’t do it.




New URL For Photos By Ted

Just got set up with a new URL for my sight:  **    ** This links directly to my photo sight one day when I get time to my  web page, sooner I hope. Enjoy life and above all have fun.



Move to Smugmug Photo Site

I will be moving my photos to smug mug as I have time . Please take a look at      More and more will show up as I have time to move and worrk on this stuff. Most of all have fun.



Spring field Mile

Just attendeed the Awsome Springfield Mile Look to the right to find the link also look on  Had A great time Thank you all for making this happen.



Balloon Fest

Just attended a beautiful hot air balloon fest in Lincoln, Il. Got up at 05:00 hopping to get some good shots with my 5D Mark II And I think I just may have. Look  to the right and click on balloon Fest under Blog roll or Photos by Ted.

Thanks for looking


Just attended A Great Drag race here in Havana Hope you like the Photos