Hard to think it has been 6 months from last post?

Time slipps away so fast  it is some times hard to keep track of things well a lot has happened in the past 6 months New equipment I will post that later New grand children. it just gos and goes.

   The new equipment is a 150-500mm Sigma lent Just Love it , With a 2X teleconcerter By the same name now the new lens is 300-1000mm and is still clear and stable even hand held.

   Along the way I picked up a 6mm canon fisheye lens havent had much of a chance to us it yet looking forward to that.

   To top it all off I got an Ipad I use it to review photos and read photo mags it is a realy good tool to have. I do like it a lot.

   I have been soending a lot of time on line at fanartreview.com I am photosbyted on there I won a contest and have been well receved as a photographer and sa a reviewer. its fun and takes alot of time well its winter now and time to work on my photos. More later.


Havana, Illinois Fly In Drive In Breakfast

Just attended another, fantastic event here at Home in Havana ,Illinois. As you can see from the title it had to do with airplanes and all those kind of things. I used my 5D Mark II and My 450 D ( SXi ) to most. The sky was blue with a few clouds. Making it a great day for photos. Take a look at photosbyted.com and see. Just had a blast. This was also the first outing for my new geand son Jaden as Andrew is stikk in the hospital But should get to come home soon. If you havent seen the photos ofmy grandsons just ask and I will send you a link. please enjoy the photos and remember you can buy photos from my site. Oh yes I got and used the cotton carrier for this outing and it worked great for the chest mount but had a little trouble with the belt mount was hard to get the 450 D unhooked.

Thank you for reading


Photos By Ted Went West

   The last two weeks have been of the best I traveled to Utah and Photograph My Daughters wedding. Thanks to My Friend Alicia, I was able to be in some of the photos. I used my 5 D Mark II As well as my 450D with a new lens a canon ef s 55-250 mm It is only for the 450D. What a lens  by calculating the CCD size 1.6 X that makes this lens 400 mm wow. A lot of the photos are posted at photosbyted.com . The Wedding was great All the peple were wonderful and I must say my Daughter was the lovelyest of them all. I was kind of interesting being the photographer and the father at the wedding but it all worked great the Canon equipment worked flawlessly. I am guessing butI think the hole trip I shot some 5000 + photos. Not all at the wedding Some were of my travels. I did get to play alot with my equipment. Later I will post some shots of some macro photography ( close up ) . The land scape in Utah, is totaly diffrent than here in Havana, Illinois. I wonder if the people that live there ever tire of looking at the mountans. I never have, I stand all amazed. Proof is in the pudding they say so look at the photos and see what you think. Drop me a note now and then.

If it is not fun then just quit doing that


Patricia & Evans Wedding

Turned out to be a realy nice day, started out a little rainy. Had to move in side the Church The lighting was Bad Had to use old fathful 580 II The 5D Mark II was realy good in this arena I useed my 450D as well all turned out well. Would have liked to have a little more control over the setting. As like 4 Photographers showed up t shoot the wedding. I normaly ask $1500.00 to $6000.00 Per wedding This one I did for free as it was my Neice that was getting married. By the way I think she got a keeper. Most of the setups were wrong shot on the wrong wall as a backgroung. But all in all I think I got a few good shots that will help them remember there special day. Had fun using some of my equipment. I may ask them to pose in the studio when they return from Jameca Man. Would like to do some shots my way the best way. I guess I could have taken the studio with it is some what portable. All in all had a great day. Oh yes none of the photos are retouched or procesed they are streight out of the camera.

If it turns out not to be fun don’t do it!


Used New Studio Euipment

Check out photosbyted.com The title is (Nicole 2010) I used my 5D Mark II and my Canon 450D. Had a lot of fun shooting in my studio Realy like the hand painted backgrounds. I am using an infared flash triger so far so good.

Chance meeting at Havana River front

   Just ran in to the most wonderful people at the Havana, Illinois River front Park. Well you guessed it cameras were involved and I got to show off my 5D Mark II. One couple is from California and the other from Rodchester, Illinois. I was so glad to meet and greet at the park. I took some photos and they are posted on my photo site. How cool is this My night was made. Wish all people were this nice.

Midwest Dragway Havana, Il

Just attended another Great Drag race st Midwest Dragway Here in Havana. Got some great shots. That are posted on< photosbyted.com> The day was just wonderful not to hot not to cold and I love the smell of top fuel. They had Bikes Rails Funny cars Pro Stock all so cool. The 5D Mark II is working very well I am using  The 580 EX II Flash to suplement light. I realy like this flash on ETTL set it and forget it No brainer I need a lot of that. I also picked up the CP-E4 battery paek for the flash Havent used it much yet it does seam to recycle a little faster.

I am wanting to get the Canon 70 to 200mm Lens f2.8 “L” Series I think this will be a good addition to My others.

Pleas have fun above all  if its not fun don’t do it.